Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hook Analyser 2.4 - Preview


Thought of sharing some of the updates on the Hook Analyser v2.4. The build is in-progress, and I'm  targeting for first week of March, for the release.

The new version will support the following -

  1. Dll Analysis - Now one could analyse DLL as well. This is part of static malware analysis module.
  2. Exe extractor - This module allows dumping executable from an active process. This also has an option to dump all executables, on running processes. This is a new module, and is in testing phase.
  3. Deep search module - The deep search module has been re-written, and can be used to search for  filename, paths,compiler patterns, backdoor patterns,shellcode etc. This is part of static malware analysis module. 
I will talk more about the modules, once I release it.

Till then, please continue using the  v 2.3 here

Screenshot of the new version (Hook Analyser v2.4) -

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