Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hook Analyser 3.0 (with Cyber Threat Intelligence)


Here is the new release of Hook Analyser project.

In terms of improvements, a new module has been added - Cyber Threat Intelligence. Threat Intel module is being created to gather and analyse information related to Cyber Threats and vulnerabilities.

The module can be run using HookAnalyser.exe (via Option 6 ), or can be run directly.

The module present information on a web browser (with dashboard alike representation) with the following sections -

  1. Threat Vectors - by (%) Country
  2. Threat Vectors - by Geography 
  3. Malware Intelligence (Beta) 2013 (New! - added on 30/12/2013)
  4. Vulnerability / Threat Feed.
Project documentation - Click Here

Here is the screenshot of the [Updated - 30/12/2013] Cyber Threat Intelligence dashboard -

To download the project - Click Here

Update - 

  • 08/1/2014: Project development status/update
  • 30/12/2013: Fixed a defect in the ThreatIntel module. Added Malware Intelligence (Beta) into the dashboard.
  •  21/12/2013: Fixed a defect in the ThreatIntel module. Thanks to Darren Fitzpatrick for reporting it.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Preview - Hook Analyser 3.0


This is probably one of the major releases after a few months. A lot of features have been added, with an additional "Major" feature update.

As I don't want to steal the thunder by myself, I will let you play with it once I release it :)