Sunday, September 21, 2014

Preview 1 : Hook Analyser 3.2


It's been a while since I posted any news about the next version (v 3.2) of Hook Analyser, so decided to give some update on this front.

New (Sub) Module : I am happy to announce that the next release will have a capability to pull information (near real-time) from social media website (Twitter), and you'd be able to analyse the results efficiently, including your brand promoter etc. This module will be a part of overarching Cyber Threat Intelligence module.

Thoughts - The module is not only useful for pulling and analysing information related to Cyber security, it can be used for other purposes e.g. brand monitoring, data breach monitoring or 'any' news / feeds etc. There are several use-cases which can be made out of this.

I have prepared a short video of the above however, this is still in development stage (so things may look different in release).

Image -

Tweets categorised by Date

Brand Monitoring


  • Cyber Threat Intelligence : You'd be able to analyse analyse and co-related information of 1  3 IP addresses. 
    • As you're aware, there is a restricted (or commercial) version of the tool which would allow you to do the following - 
      • Analyse and co-relate information related to unlimited IP addresses, and / or , for "any" keyword (e.g. CryptoLocker)
      • Parse PCAP file format and perform analysis on external IP addresses (with Visualisation)
      • Parse forward proxy logs and perform analysis over external IP addresses and domains (with Visualisation)
  • Hook Analyser : Signatures updated. Ability to export results into XML format.