Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hook Analyser 2.3 - Preview

Hi Folks,

Thought of sharing some of the updates I've been working on the new release of Hook Analyser 2.3.

The focus has been primarily on the malware analysis module.

Many thanks to Mila (Home) for reviewing and appreciating this tool.

Some of the updates/modules (and status) in the new release -

  1. New digger module - Allows dumping exes, dlls, and drivers from an executable to separate files - Completed
  2. Packer detection module - Completed
  3. Hexdump module - Completed
  4. Code Analysis - Disassemble an executable- In-testing
  5. Bug fixes and minor improvements. In-progress
  6. Batch analysis - To be started

Here are the screenshots -

In the mean time feel free to give a shot to Hook Analyser 2.2 -  Click Here

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