Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hook Analyser 3.1 : Major release


I'm glad to announce major release (community version)  of Hook Analyser 3.1. In this build, significant changes have been made to static malware analysis (option #3) and Cyber threat intelligence (option #6) modules, along with addition of a new module - batch analysis (option #7).

Following are key changes made - 
  1. (Major Improvements) Cyber threat intelligence module -
    1. (Added) : New dashboard - which includes 
      1. Global threat-landscape  
      2. Keyword based malware intelligence 
      3. IP based intelligence.
    2. (Added) : IP based intelligence output in XML format
    3. (Reference) : Videos - 

  2. (Moderate Improvements) Static malware analysis module - 
    1. (Added) : Signed file/malware detection and certificate extraction
    2. (Modified) :  Deep detection signatures improved
    3. (Added) : Output in XML format
  3. (Moderate Improvements) Other bug fixes
  4. (Minor Addition) Batch analysis module - Perform static analysis on all files in a directory.
As you'd noticed from above, there is an "exclusive" version of the software- with additional features on Cyber threat intelligence module, which includes -

  1. Keyword based search analysis
  2. "Unlimited" IP addresses and keywords analysis (instead of 1 - in community version) - through additional sources on the Internet 
  3. Keywords based search intelligence module (in concert with above item #2)  - Demo 1 and Demo 2
Important note - The software shall only be used for "NON-COMMERCIAL" purposes. For commercial usage, written permission from the Author must be obtained prior to use.

If you're interested, feel free to write back on - 

Download the software here

For quick guide or how-to document, click here

Thank you.

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